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About Fretwells in England

London, England


Merchant Taylors’ records [dated] 29 April 1609: Thomas ffretwell, a member of the Batchelers Company, contributed five shillings toward the honorable plantacon in Virginia. Entry in Genesis of the United States by Alexander Brown. Vol. 1, p. 304.


The Will of Thomas Fretwell, Merchant Tailor of Saint Dunstan in the West, City of London [dated] 30 April 1614, naming wife, Anna and [five] children: Thomas, William, Anna, Ab....? and Dorothy. Copy from Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, England, Lawe Quire Register.

Derbyshire, England


The Will of Hubert Frietwell of Frith Wood, Elmton, yeoman.

          To Wm. my son L/80
          To George my son L/80 that he may be loose
                    and fulfil his want of a life beyond the sea
          To my da Dorothy, wife of Meacheal Ragge L/5
          To my kinswoman Helen Lascelles 10/-,
          To my wife's friend Joan Oglethorp 10/-,
          To my wife Elizabeth L/40 and 3rd part of my goods,
                    as before bespoken L/10 for my wife to pay in portion by the
                    week to Molly da and woefulbane of my old friend Zack
                    Temple and neighbor more to be paid in the week lest her
                    pauper husband transform it to liquid and drink it
          To John my eldest son all my lands & C and L/40
                    & remanes (remains) of goods & Bible,
          My small books to the Parson’s school
          The will then goes into a sermon, directed at his sons,
                    on the “tereeble evils of “drunkeness, womb want
                    and sword swank.”
                                        Wm. Lascelles younger, witness.
                                        Wm. Freitwell younger, witness.

The will was proved in 1664. Taken from the transcription made by Laurence Fretwell of Nuneaton, England in his manuscript: The Fretwell Pedigree, Volume 1, Part 5, pp. 54-55.


Mr. John Hinton ... [granted] ... 1000 acres in the upper parish of Nancemond Co. [Virginia], 10 April 1665. On the head of Mather Cr. Trans. of 20 pers.: Jno. Hinton, Wm. Walter, Ch. Jones, Wm. Fuller, G. Fretwell, Tho. Hill, Bl. Sanders, Ri. Loyd, Wm. Brae(?), Wm. Green, Jno. Harris, Grace Read, Math. Nickolls, Tho. Curle, Walt. Thomas, Edwd. Watson, Tho. Elkenton, Jno. Ellis, Wm. Bateman, Danll. Ohind. Entry found in Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nell Marion Nugent, Vol. 1, p. 479.

London, England


Rents - St. Stephen’s Walbrooke, London - 1638.
Mr. Fretwell - 15 pounds (p. 181).
Rents - St. Andrew Holborn, London - 1638.
Mr. Fretwell - 14 pounds (p. 190).
Rents - St. Botolph without Aldersgate, London - 1638.
Frances Frewell - The 4th Precinct (p. 206).
Entries found in The Inhabitants of London in 1638 by T. C. Dale, The Society of Genealogists, Volume I.


Fra. Fretwell and eight others ... 18 April 1670 ... 450 acres ... New Kent Co., [Virginia] Stratton Major Par(ish), N. side of Matlapiony & adj. Edward Cardingbrooke; (land of) Mr. John Jarrat & Tho. Joanes. Entry found in Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nell Marion Nugent, Vol. 2, p. 76.

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